All posts about Digital discovery

  • Young people’s digital wellbeing

    Tuesday 5 December 2017
    Lorna reflects on children and young people's digital wellbeing and the issues highlighted at a recent event by ‘Digital Dance Artist’ Katie Dale-Everett.
  • Discovering ourselves online

    Wednesday 27 September 2017
    Matthew explores the line between discovery and narcissism, and the evolution of online recommendations.
  • Building webs of discovery

    Friday 4 August 2017
    Paul Rissen explores the untapped imaginative potential of Linked Open Data to create webs of discovery.
  • The incantatory web

    Friday 28 July 2017
    Justin considers the impact of our voice to our experience of the web.
  • Online learning discovery

    Thursday 1 June 2017
    More data, more personal and more assertive: a guest article from FutureLearn's Chris Fellingham on how we will discover learning opportunities online in the future