We were engaged by the City of London to help them create a big digital transformation for their organisation. We started with an honest of appraisal of their existing website, which led us to a radical vision of how the organisation could best talk about its complete and diverse range of activity, and deliver a better experience for its users.


The City of London is no ordinary council. Perhaps the oldest living political institution in the country, it offers services to 2000 residents but also owns land including parks and cemeteries across London and beyond, runs the Barbican Centre and acts as the development office for London’s square mile.

Recognising this hugely diverse picture, we created a new digital strategy for the council working with many stakeholders to ensure that we could best represent the broadest range of business aims and user needs, by identifying content clusters around which both website design and internal communications and resourcing could cohere. We made a set of recommendations for developing a new editorial approach that would use the capacity and skills of the whole organisation, and created the specifications and brief for a new website and its underpinning technologies.

For us it was a fantastic opportunity to work with an ambitious council looking to make a really significant difference in the delivery of its services through digital technology.