Establishing a course creating studio: FutureLearn

Building on our intimate knowledge of FutureLearn’s platform and content operation, Unthinkable is now working with FutureLearn to provide learning design and production services directly to clients.

Unthinkable helped to shape the vision for the FutureLearn platform and incubate the early product team. We then built FutureLearn’s content operation from the ground up, working with university partners to figure out the best ways to get high quality content into the platform.

So when FutureLearn embarked on its first pilot with a corporate partner to build courses for internal training, it was a logical next step for Unthinkable to step up to the challenge of course design and production. It’s been fabulous to get really hands on right across the life cycle of course creation, from overall course design, right the way through to creation of content on the platform, and working along the way as an editorial partner to FutureLearn’s client, providing expertise not just in content production but in how to situate content in the flow of a social learning experience.

FutureLearn Studio delivered planning, visual design and scripting for video, managing filming and post-production and advising on, subediting and proofreading articles and assessments. We were delighted to partner with TMax Productions on this project.

We are now working with FutureLearn on developing the next set of Studio services including learning design and a broad range of research and production services to offer a variety of clients and partners for public and private courses.