We’ve worked for the BBC on a number of research and evaluation projects since Unthinkable formed in 2010. Our work has investigated everything from the BBC’s use of social media to make itself accountable to its audience (see the BBC’s blog post on receipt of our report, and an executive summary of the report itself) to the way in which BBC Knowledge and Learning (K&L) commissions transmedia content. Along the way we’ve advised K&L on what approach to URL creation would best bind together the huge range of concepts and content under their remit, researched time-based navigation models, and reviewed BBC Future Media’s process for handling complaints over moderation decisions. Most recently, we’ve been advising K&L once more in the development of the exciting Microbits initiative (of which more details here).

Each time, we have produced a set of strategic recommendations, which have often gone on to inform the BBC’s next steps in each area. The combination of our background in the organisation, our independence as external consultants and our experience of other sectors and clients has given us a great perspective on some of the tricky questions that the BBC has to tackle as it grapples with the unfolding challenges of the changing media landscape.

I already knew that the people at Unthinkable had some of the quickest brains around. The work they did for me was timely, smart, well presented, intellectually cogent and accessible. It gave me some fresh angles on some hitherto intractable problems.
Nick Reynolds, Social Media Executive, BBC Online