Managing the digital transformation of ITV News

A digital first news service

In redeveloping its online news offering, ITV articulated the bold vision of a news service completely rebuilt around the principle of ‘digital first’. Leapfrogging several generations of developments in online news, ITV set out a radical plan to build the structure of its news website around a feed of live updates which could in turn be aggregated into stories or categories. The resulting service was and remains a pioneer in the field of online news. Changes on the supply side were arguably more profound still, inverting the traditional wisdom of breaking news in live TV broadcasts by populating the website in real time.

Unthinkable's programme management

Having commissioned design agency Made by Many to carry out service design around this concept, ITV turned to Unthinkable to help manage that relationship, and coordinate the wider effort involved in transforming the newsroom and integrating with ITV’s wider web production processes and systems.

Matthew was embedded with ITV as Programme Manager during a period of several months to see this project through. Matthew worked closely with colleagues both in ITV and Made by Many to manage this complex programme of work, and played a decisive role at key gates including technology choices around content management system, video delivery and hosting, while also handling financial and commissioning processes at project gates and managing a tender around the project build phase.

On Matthew's contribution to the project:

The project launched on time, on budget and without a hitch, which was in no small part down to him. He is a giant among men with his powers of analysis, his methodical & logical approach, and with his charming good nature - all qualities which stood him in good stead for the complicated environment of ITV. It was a pleasure to have him on the team and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a colleague.
Julian March: Head of Digital Media for News Sport & Weather