In summer 2012, Unthinkable was approached by Terrapinn Training, who were grappling with an unusual challenge. The South African Broadcasting Corporation had asked Terrapinn to identify a supplier with the expertise to devise and deliver a three-day training course to programme makers, managers and editors on the fast-changing subject of multiplatform TV. With our experience in delivering training and consultancy in multiplatform broadcasting to the BBC and other clients in the UK, Unthinkable was well placed to provide just the kind of overview that SABC needed.

So we duly flew out to Johannesburg in late October, in time for some beautiful spring weather and some extremely intense work for us. Day one of our programme laid out the terrain of mutliplatform broadcasting, looking at the value chain, the history of the medium and some principles of success. In day two, we reviewed the disruption of the experience of TV for both viewers and producers, and some new strategies and business models emerging in this space. Day three highlighted the role of innovation and a look at future trends and opportunities, as well as the thorny areas of partnerships and rights.

In two weeks in Johannesburg Justin and Matthew trained three separate cohorts of SABC executives, and the course received rave feedback from attendees. We ran lively and entertaining sessions, balancing substantial content with the need to facilitate group workshopping and of course, leavening proceedings with plenty of relevant video and a good few laughs, leaving our trainees with a fresh perspective in navigating the challenges of a changing TV industry.