Strategy and site production: Serpentine Galleries

A few months before launch of their new landmark building in summer 2013, Serpentine Galleries got in touch with Unthinkable to address the need for a website and digital strategy that would deliver a commensurate level of impact.

Our approach

We identified quickly that they needed a distinctive website that could deliver a great digital experience to their broad range of audiences, a new digital shop and a new digital platform for developing and delivering artists’ work using the web. We were delighted by their ambition and vision and agreed to lead on the work through to final delivery.

After putting together a project delivery team that suited the range of tasks, we managed and coordinated the delivery of those three outputs to align with the launch of their new brand, new gallery and restaurant. The excellent Platform3 led on the Drupal development with us, and we worked with a number of designers and producers alongside the team over at the Serpentine over seven months to create a new kind of digital experience for their audience.

We shaped up the overall digital strategy and content strategy with the SG team and directed the delivery process through to launch. We worked closely with designer Alan Woo to ensure that the digital experience would be distinctive and playful while delivering our strategic aims. The website has had some great feedback and it is great to see how the new shop has instantly found its feet. We are also particularly excited to how the Artists Platform evolves under the expert guidance of Ben Vickers.

The project turned out to be a great way to develop a range of new adaptations to our working process. Working with a complex delivery team with multiple roles over many locations is becoming the norm for digital projects. We kept the various teams aligned, inspired, communicating well and focused on the big picture and the detail at the same time. We felt like a genuine part of the SG family working alongside a team rather than just delivering for a client. This meant we were able to have very honest and productive conversations throughout the project, which in turn gave us a flexibility to adapt.


Serpentine Galleries have continued to build and iterate on the development of the website, which has now grown into a highly compelling way to engage with contemporary art as well as an essential archive, and a digital experience we are very proud of.

Visit the Serpentine Galleries website.