We began our working relationship with the Glyndebourne Opera Company in the spring of 2009 (in our previous incarnation as Double Shot Consulting), having been asked to make recommendations about possible directions for their website and online services.

The Challenge

We were asked to consider a range of digital activity for the organisation including its learning activity, ticketing system and core Content Management System. Initially we ran in tandem a piece of desk research and a series of internal stakeholder meetings at Glyndebourne. We followed with three creative workshops looking at various potential development strands for Glyndebourne online. We finally delivered an extensive paper capturing these sessions and presenting a series of recommendations about not only the content of the Glyndebourne website, but also how best to resource this ambition, its technology platform and a number of business development opportunities in the realm of social media.

We later helped the team to write specifications for a new CMS to underpin the site and the integration of that site with the Tessitura ticketing system, and to choose the company to deliver the system.

This work bore fruit with the launch of Glyndebourne’s new website in late 2010.

Glyndebourne engaged Justin and the team to conduct a review of its digital strategy. A series of stimulating and insightful workshops were followed by delivery of a comprehensive written report which helped to engage a broad set of stakeholders and provide a strategy for its online presence and its wider work with digital media. One of the practical outcomes of the review was the selection of a new Content Management System for the website and relationship with a new development partner. They assisted throughout the process of defining requirements and tendering for a new partner, offering valuable external and technical input.
George Bruell - Director of Communications, Glyndebourne